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The word “August” comes from the Latin word “Augustus.” This means “majestic or venerable.” The Romans gave this name in honor of their first emperor, Augustus Caesar. ?The word “august” comes from an ancient Roman festival called “Auguralia.” This was held on what would have been Augustus’s birthday according to their calendar, which has since changed. They named this month after him because he had such significant influence over them as emperor of Rome. Still, they also considered him something like a solar deity due to his birth date coinciding with summer solstice celebrations.

A calendar is a system of organizing and remembering time. Calendars often have many different types of information, such as days of the week, months, years, holidays, or religious observances. You can edit the JPG or PDF Calendar 2024 August to add more details. Different information can be categorized and filled in as per the importance. All-time management tools are well designed and provide enough space for writing. Blank Calendar August 2024 is a great tool for writing.

Printable August 2024 Calendar

August is the perfect time to schedule your vacations, professional events, and household chores. Use this August 2024 Calendar Printable as a guide for planning out your day-to-day activities. You’ll be able to see what’s coming up on the horizon easily so that you can prepare accordingly. Also, take some time to plan with these printable calendars that are available on this page. These are the quality tools for your time management. You can edit all your tasks in their blank space. Print 2024 Calendar August for decoration of different places. Decorate your office and room or desk with the help of it.

August 2024 Calendar

August 2024 Calendar



Customization Process of August 2024 Calendar

You can download it in PDF and JPG format. It’s available in various designs, giving you a type of option to select a format. You can also print or download different types of calendars as you want. You can fill in the important holiday details and create a personalized August 2024 Calendar With Holidays. It can be edited easily and downloaded without any hurdle. 

The Calendar For August 2024 JPG formats are best for managing an online calendar. You can download and store these calendars on your computer or other devices and modernize them during the month. The August 2024 Calendar PDF versions are different notable variations. It provides you to Edit any events, schedules, meetings, and reminders daily, weekly, or monthly. 

August 2024 Printable Calendar

August 2024 Printable Calendar



What are the available formats for Printing?

We have two types of formats for the August 2024 Printable Calendar. Pdf and Jpg are the most popular formats. There are many benefits of both formats. Pdf and Jpg files have many benefits for you and your device. No problem who you share the file with and on which device; the format remains the same. All the amazing formats are here to assist in making important decisions in life. You can get Free August Calendar 2024, so it will save you both time and money.

Upcoming Monthly Calendars

Top Facts of this month

  • August was known as Sextilis before it changed in 8 BC.
  • Both Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago rejoice in Independence Day in August.
  • August was named after Augustus Caesar, originator and the first ruler of the Roman Empire, posthumously reared by his protective great-uncle Gaius Julius Caesar.
  • To date, only one US president has departed this month.
  • ‘August’ is a favorite baby name in Sweden.
  • Leo and Virgo are both the zodiac signs that come in August.
  • Only one of Shakespeare’s plays was introduced in August.

Horoscope of August Month

Zodiac Signs

Leo– August 01 – August 21

Virgo– August 22 – August 31

[Note – Details of Zodiac signs are exclusively extracted for this month.]



Birth flower


Major Federal & State Holidays of United States

Holiday Date Day
Colorado Day Aug 01, 2024 Thursday
Coast Guard Birthday Aug 04, 2024 Sunday
Purple Heart Day Aug 07, 2024 Wednesday
Victory Day Aug 12, 2024 Monday
Assumption of Mary Aug 15, 2024 Thursday
Bennington Battle Day Aug 16, 2024 Friday
Hawaii Statehood Day Aug 16, 2024 Friday
National Aviation Day Aug 19, 2024 Monday
Senior Citizens Day Aug 21, 2024 Wednesday
Women’s Equality Day Aug 26, 2024 Monday
Lyndon Baines Johnson Day Aug 27, 2024 Tuesday

Purple Heart Day (2024 – 2034)

Year Date Day
Purple Heart Day 2024 Aug 07 Wednesday
Purple Heart Day 2025 Aug 07 Thursday
Purple Heart Day 2026 Aug 07 Friday
Purple Heart Day 2027 Aug 07 Saturday
Purple Heart Day 2028 Aug 07 Monday
Purple Heart Day 2029 Aug 07 Tuesday
Purple Heart Day 2030 Aug 07 Wednesday
Purple Heart Day 2031 Aug 07 Thursday
Purple Heart Day 2032 Aug 07 Saturday
Purple Heart Day 2033 Aug 07 Sunday
Purple Heart Day 2034 Aug 07 Monday

Senior Citizens Day (2024 – 2034)

Year Date Day
Senior Citizens Day 2024 Aug 21 Wednesday
Senior Citizens Day 2025 Aug 21 Thursday
Senior Citizens Day 2026 Aug 21 Friday
Senior Citizens Day 2027 Aug 21 Saturday
Senior Citizens Day 2028 Aug 21 Monday
Senior Citizens Day 2029 Aug 21 Tuesday
Senior Citizens Day 2030 Aug 21 Wednesday
Senior Citizens Day 2031 Aug 21 Thursday
Senior Citizens Day 2032 Aug 21 Saturday
Senior Citizens Day 2033 Aug 21 Sunday
Senior Citizens Day 2034 Aug 21 Monday


You can manage several indoor and outdoor actions using the 2024 August Calendar Printable. August is known as the last month of the summer. It is sufficient to know its value. Get ready your bags and go to the road, go for a long trip at the beach with the chillness of night, see the evening while waves are lapping up opposite the shore softly. These are simpler to plan with the August 2024 Calendar Template to get for free from our website.

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