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January got named after January, the Roman god. He maintained two faces, allowing him to perceive both the present and the past! He was also known as the deity of entrances. The Roman calendar began in March, and after a calendar reform, January and February have been introduced to the calendar. You can Print 2025 Calendar January and customize it as per your need. We have explained everything that will help to get a perfect plan. I would recommend you to read the feature & instructions given below.

The original intention of using the January 2025 Printable Calendar is to keep track of the days, weeks, months, and years. It maintains track of when days of the week events occur and when special events are scheduled. These planning tools have traditionally been used to record religious holidays and events. Monthly calendars has now emerged as a multipurpose tool. 

Printable January 2025 Calendar

 January 2025 Calendar With Holidays is in high demand among those who wish to keep track of holidays for managing their daily routines. If you’re one of them, and you’re looking for a way to get a reminder, we’ve got some good news for you. We notify you that you can get templates with great delight. You may quickly visit here to obtain a January 2025 Calendar Template, which you can open with your preferred software. It is editable; you can edit it as per the requirement.

Janaury 2025 Calendar

Janaury 2025 Calendar



Customization Process of January 2025 Calendar

Do you want to start arranging your January 2025 Calendar Printable as soon as possible? Do you want a handy list of details to make your schedules? Fixing unorganized things using a monthly calendar template is a simple approach to keep track of your time. You won’t have to guess or double-check the status of everyday personal, professional, and domestic things, which are prone to becoming forgotten in the shuffle of daily life. You might potentially save yourself from unnecessary problems throughout the year by taking a few minutes now. You can make plans for the following year with the help of Blank Calendar January 2025.

Janaury 2025 Printable Calendar

Janaury 2025 Printable Calendar



What are the available formats for Printing?

You can choose a January 2025 Calendar PDF in two formats, Pdf, and Jpg, on this page. Pdf file is one of the best file formats, and Jpg is also an excellent format to use. Both forms have their advantages. Get any printable template to plan the whole month.

Other Monthly Calendars

Top Facts of this month

  • The snowiest month of the year in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere is January. So on January 20, a ten-day palindrome challenge begins! What exactly is a palindrome? It’s a number or word that can be read both forward and backward in the same way. Palindrome dates are considered lucky in some cultures. And 1-20-21 is the first of a remarkable ten palindrome dates!
  • Considering that the Northern Hemisphere’s winter season began with the December solstice, the approaching full moon will be the second full moon of the season. This full moon is known as the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, or Hunger Moon in North America. Watch for a full-looking moon to light up the nights from twilight to dawn today and tomorrow, January 27 and 28, 2025, from all across the world. This late January full moon will be the second summertime full moon in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The Quadrantid meteor shower appears in early January, producing up to 25 meteors per hour at their peak. They will be at their peak on the evening of Sunday, January 3, into Monday, January 4. So venture out between midnight and dawn for the best chance of spotting them (if you can stand the cold).

Horoscope of January Month

Zodiac Signs

Capricorn– January 1 to January 19

Aquarius– January 20 to January 31



Birth flower


 Major Federal & State Holidays of United States

Date Holiday Day
Jan 1, 2025 New Year’s Day Wednesday
Jan 6, 2025 Epiphany Monday
Jan 7, 2025 Orthodox Christmas Day Tuesday
Jan 10, 2025 Asarah B’Tevet Friday
Jan 13, 2025 Stephen Foster Memorial Day Monday
Jan 14, 2025 Orthodox New Year Tuesday
Jan 19, 2025 Confederate Heroes’ Day Sunday
Jan 20, 2025 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday
Jan 20, 2025 Robert E. Lee’s Birthday Monday
Jan 20, 2025 Idaho Human Rights Day Monday
Jan 20, 2025 Civil Rights Day Monday
Jan 27, 2025 Isra and Mi’raj Monday

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (2021 to 2030)

Holiday Date Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2021 Jan 18 Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2022 Jan 17 Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2023 Jan 16 Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2024 Jan 15 Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2025 Jan 20 Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2026 Jan 19 Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2027 Jan 18 Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2028 Jan 17 Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2029 Jan 15 Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2030 Jan 21 Monday

New Year’s Day (2021 to 2030)

Holiday Date Day
New Year’s Day, 2021 Jan 1 Friday
New Year’s Day, 2022 Jan 1 Saturday
New Year’s Day, 2023 Jan 1 Sunday
New Year’s Day, 2024 Jan 1 Monday
New Year’s Day, 2025 Jan 1 Wednesday
New Year’s Day, 2026 Jan 1 Thursday
New Year’s Day, 2027 Jan 1 Friday
New Year’s Day, 2028 Jan 1 Sunday
New Year’s Day, 2029 Jan 1 Monday
New Year’s Day, 2030 Jan 1 Tuesday


Finally, there are numerous indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Because it is the start of a new year, it is good to be aware of its worth. Planning with the Free January Calendar 2025 makes everything easy for work and life. You can get the 2025 January Calendar Printable for free from our website. So, start your first month of the year with a planner. Schedule all your events like birthdays, notes, updates, schedules, anniversaries, favorite events, appointments, and plans can be updated. Give a personal touch to Calendar For January 2025 and make as you want. Don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to help more people get the amazing time management tool. Gmail is another option to share it in good quality with friends and family.

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