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The month of May was named after Maia, a Roman goddess who represented growth and fertility. It was during this time that Rome’s population would grow in preparation for the summer planting season. People would also celebrate Springtime festivals such as Floralia or Hilaria to honor Maia and ensure that she granted them fertile fields for growing crops.

A calendar’s principal practical function is to designate days: notify or agree on a future event and record a past event. Days might have agricultural, civic, religious, or social significance. For example, calendars are also used to identify when to begin planting or harvesting. In addition, you can add essential details to create a May 2024 Calendar With Holidays. It will help determine the religious or civil holidays. You can also remember and mark the start and end of corporate accounting periods and which days have legal importance, such as the day taxes are due or a contract ends. May 2024 Calendar Printable gives complete freedom to write all types of information accordingly.

Printable May 2024 Calendar

 It is ideal for those who value simplicity and ease. Print our May 2024 Printable Calendar, mark the important dates and display them on your wall when they’re finished. You won’t have to filter through hundreds of pages looking for a date because you’ll have something to look at whenever you want. 

May signals the finish of the spring season and the start of the summer’s loveliest phase. The days grow shorter, the weather warms, and nature displays its most giving face with vibrant flowers and fruits, causing all of our vitality to burst within four walls: festivals, open-air concerts, memorable days, and pleasurable moments. Plan perfectly with Blank Calendar May 2024 so you don’t miss any of that moment to enjoy. 

May 2024 Calendar

May 2024 Calendar



Customization Process of May 2024 Calendar 

Everything has gone digital in this day and age; even essential documents have been moved to digital platforms. You can use the Calendar for May 2024 to plan the months and weeks by jotting down all of your business and personal tasks. These are the benefits of having structural planning. Another important activity that you can do by using the calendar template is to update all types of future events at a glance. Print 2024 Calendar May and customize it as you want. You only need a printer, internet connection, and a browser in which you can open PDF or JPG files. After getting the calendar, edit all your essential tasks in their blank space. Organize your plans on it like anniversaries, reminders, schedules, birthdays, appointments, and other updates. 

May 2024 Printable Calendar

May 2024 Printable Calendar



What are the available formats for Printing?

May 2024 Calendar Template has two formats Pdf and Jpg. People have different work and lifestyles. If you are a serviceman, you have different needs. The businessman has different needs. So, such as they need the other type of file formats. We have arranged May 2024 Calendar PDF and Jpg design formats because they have unique qualities.

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Top Facts of this month

  • May was not coined until the 15th century AD, as the Middle Ages came to an end. The Roman term Maius was still in use at the time. 
  • In Old English, May was known by a different name. The month was known as the “month of three milkings” back then. It, predictably, meant that you might milk your cows up to three times a day throughout this month! 
  • However, May isn’t only a lousy month to be married. The Cornish myth holds that purchasing a new broom in May is unfortunate. Oh, and apparently, you shouldn’t even wash your blankets! 
  • Every year, the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in May. For those unfamiliar, Eurovision is an annual international music contest that has been conducted since 1956. Over the years, some of the contest winners have become highly famous groups, the most renowned ABBA! PDF Calendar 2024 May will help to remember this event.
  • Every year in May, there occurs a meteor shower known as the Eta Aquariids. This meteor shower, discovered in 1870, crosses Earth between May 19 and May 28. It is best seen from the equatorial portions of the earth, and it may be seen going by shortly before sunrise.

Horoscope of May Month 

Zodiac Signs

Taurus– May 1 – May 19

Gemini– May 20 – May 31 



Birth flower

Lily of the Valley

 Major Federal & State Holidays of United States

Holiday Day Day
Law Day 01 May, 2024 Wednesday
Orthodox Friday 03 May, 2024 Friday
Orthodox Holy Saturday 04 May, 2024 Saturday
Orthodox Easter 05 May, 2024 Sunday
Cinco de Mayo 05 May, 2024 Sunday
National Nurses Day 06 May, 2024 Monday
Truman Day 08 May, 2024 Wednesday
Victory in Europe Day 08 May, 2024 Wednesday
Ascension Day 09 May, 2024 Thursday
Native American Day 10 May, 2024 Friday
Military Spouse Appreciation Day 10 May, 2024 Friday
Mother’s Day 12 May, 2024 Sunday
Peace Officers Memorial Day 15 May, 2024 Wednesday
Armed Forces Day 18 May, 2024 Saturday
National Maritime Day 22 May, 2024 Wednesday
Harvey Milk Day 22 May, 2024 Wednesday
Trinity Sunday 26 May, 2024 Sunday
Memorial Day 27 May, 2024 Monday

Mother’s Day (2021 to 2030)

Holiday Date Day
Mother’s Day, 2021 May 09 Sunday
Mother’s Day, 2022 May 08 Sunday
Mother’s Day, 2023 May 14 Sunday
Mother’s Day, 2024 May 12 Sunday
Mother’s Day, 2025 May 11 Sunday
Mother’s Day, 2026 May 10 Sunday
Mother’s Day, 2027 May 09 Sunday
Mother’s Day, 2028 May 14 Sunday
Mother’s Day, 2020 May 13 Sunday
Mother’s Day, 2030 May 12 Sunday

Memorial Day (2021 to 2030)

Holiday Date Day
Memorial Day, 2021 May 31 Monday
Memorial Day, 2022 May 30 Monday
Memorial Day, 2023 May 29 Monday
Memorial Day, 2024 May 27 Monday
Memorial Day, 2025 May 26 Monday
Memorial Day, 2026 May 25 Monday
Memorial Day, 2027 May 31 Monday
Memorial Day, 2028 May 29 Monday
Memorial Day, 2020 May 28 Monday
Memorial Day, 2030 May 27 Monday


Finally, if you don’t have the opportunity to travel somewhere near or distant, you can organize a short vacation. A delicious breakfast table filled with vibrant tastes, for example, May bring you and your loved ones delight outside. It’s high time to go for a picnic or a hotel terrace with your friends and family amid spring’s beautiful wind. Free May Calendar 2024 will assist you in organizing all your programs. 

To remember the critical days of this lovely month, you’ll need a simple, simply accessible tool. You can get an easily editable template from our website, open it with your favorite PDF reader, and print as many copies as you like. Share Our 2024 May Calendar Printable and use this planner for intelligent life.

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