October 2024 Calendar Printable- Desk & Wall

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October was named after the Roman god Octavianus, who later became Augustus Caesar. October comes from Latin for “eight,” which is why it’s also known as “October.”

The October 2024 Printable Calendar is the best helper for us. We have too many tasks and a to-do list which we have to do at the right time and date. Mostly, People forget all their functions due to their weak memory or being busy. Calendars are the better option to be updated. If you fail to do your task, do not worry. Using Calendar For October 2024, you can know what you have to do.

Printable October 2024 Calendar

Here, on this site, you will get the October 2024 Calendar Template for free. In October, people have so much work? They all want to organize their to-do list. It will help you to manage all your tasks. You can print it quickly and organize all your important events on it. You can also fix monthly calendar on your wall after editing all your schedules. The hanging calendar will remind you of all your essential work. My suggestion about selecting a location is you should hang October 2024 Calendar Printable in front of your bed or desk where you like to study. In the morning, when you wake up, you will watch the date and, along with this, your task on this date.

October 2024 Calendar

October 2024 Calendar



Customization Process of October 2024 Calendar 

It is human nature that they are very careless and lazy. Do you know why? Because they don’t have a shape in which they can mold themselves. Likewise, they don’t have an automatic reminder. A reminder can remind them of all their essential responsibilities about their future: an October 2024 Calendar PDF can be a better key to their success. If you have a printer, print our printable Calendar. Customize Blank Calendar October 2024 according to your needs. If you are a student, edit your entire timetable for your study. Divide your whole subject into time and date. And track your Calendar template to be updated.

October 2024 Printable Calendar

October 2024 Printable Calendar



What are the available formats for Printing?

On this site, You will get pdf and jpeg formats. Pdf and Jpg formats are better than other formats. You will get the accurate and precise design and PDF Calendar 2023 October in Pdf file. Jpg files are highly compressible than other formats. The best anyone can do fill in manual details as per the requirements. You can write any plan once you Print the 2023 Calendar October calendar. You can easily monitor the good and bad factors by following a plan. Correction in lifestyle becomes easy with it.

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Top Facts of this month

  • The first pumpkin spice latte was sold on October 2, 1991, by Starbucks in Seattle.
  • In 1990, National Hamburger Day began unofficially to celebrate hamburgers when McDonald’s announced their $0.99 hamburger promotion.
  • “Pumpkin Spice Latte” became an official term in 2009 after being used for years before that.
  • National Taco Day is celebrated annually on October 4, with people eating tacos from Taco Bell or Del Taco.

Horoscope of October Month

Zodiac Signs

Libra– October 1 – October 21

Scorpio– October 22 – October 31



Birth flower


Major Federal & State Holidays of United States

Date Holiday Day
Oct 04, 2024 Feast of St Francis of Assisi Friday
Oct 07, 2024 Frances Xavier Cabrini Day Monday
Oct 07, 2024 Child Health Day (O) Monday
Oct 13, 2024 Chicago Marathon Sunday
Oct 09, 2024 Leif Erikson Day Wednesday
Oct 13, 2024 Navy Birthday Sunday
Oct 14, 2024 Columbus Day Monday
Oct 14, 2024 Fraternal Day Monday
Oct 14, 2024 Yorktown Victory Day Monday
Oct 14, 2024 Discoverers’ Day Monday
Oct 14, 2024 Native American Day Monday
Oct 14, 2024 Indigenous People’s Day Monday
Oct 14, 2024 American Indian Heritage Day Monday
Oct 25, 2024 Nevada Day Friday
Oct 31, 2024 Halloween / Diwali Thursday

 Columbus Day (2021 – 2030)

Year Date Day
Columbus Day 2021 Oct 11 Monday
Columbus Day 2022 Oct 10 Monday
Columbus Day 2023 Oct 09 Monday
Columbus Day 2024 Oct 14 Monday
Columbus Day 2025 Oct 13 Monday
Columbus Day 2026 Oct 12 Monday
Columbus Day 2027 Oct 11 Monday
Columbus Day 2028 Oct 09 Monday
Columbus Day 2029 Oct 08 Monday
Columbus Day 2030 Oct 14 Monday

Halloween (2021 – 2030)

Holiday Date Day
Halloween 2021 Oct 31 Sunday
Halloween 2022 Oct 31 Monday
Halloween 2023 Oct 31 Tuesday
Halloween 2024 Oct 31 Thursday
Halloween 2025 Oct 31 Friday
Halloween 2026 Oct 31 Saturday
Halloween 2027 Oct 31 Sunday
Halloween 2028 Oct 31 Tuesday
Halloween 2029 Oct 31 Wednesday
Halloween 2030 Oct 31 Thursday


As you can see, we have arranged a 2024 October Calendar Printable to fulfill different planning requirements. After spending a lot of time and deep research, we have created a great planner only for you. You will get a quality product on this page—a Free October Calendar 2024 with many quality features. It is so friendly and easily manageable. You can easily download it and customize it as a holiday calendar. We also have the information of all event dates on this site. So don’t worry about the date of events in this month anymore. Make suitable plans for work and other needs. An organized routine will help you to enjoy every moment of life. If you want, kindly share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or via Gmail.

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